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Justin Trudeau Broke the Law....Twice! #TrudeauMustGo
My Guarantee:
Inspiring visit, as always, to Thornhill’s @KaylasChildrenCentre
Prepping for election 2019!
Myself and Harold Albrecht MP for Kitchener-Conestoga
A request for Privacy Commissioner David Therrien:
Celebrating 40 Years Lubavitch Day Camp.
Myself in Mel Arnold in Beautiful British Columbia.
Justin Trudeau must remove Liberal MP Peschisolido from caucus.
Ethics Commissioner’s Vandenbeld Report..finds MP violated Conflict of Interest Code supporting spouse’s political campaign..but because he didn’t win, no penalties.
A beautiful day canvassing with fellow Thornhillers!
Sunday July 7th is National Super Canvass Day!
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling on him to show strength and finally stand up to China.
Happy Canada Day to all !
DANI's MicroGreens Grand Opening!
Speaking at DANI's MicroGreens Grand Opening!
DANI's MicroGreens Grand Opening!
DANI's MicroGreens Grand Opening!
Great people, weather and food at Peter Kent's annual summer BBQ!
Happy to serve the people of Thornhill!
It was a pleasure having Conservative leader Andrew Scheer at Peter Kent's annual summer BBQ !
It was a great day meeting with Thornhillers at the annual BBQ.


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