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Conservative Priorities for Throne Speech of New Parliament

The House of Commons will re-convene on December 5th to elect a new Speaker, to be immediately followed by the Throne Speech of the Liberal Minority Government.

 Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer outlined the priorities of our Official Opposition during a meeting today with Prime Minister Trudeau.   Canadians expect this Parliament and this country to work for them and our Conservative team stands ready to do just that.  But, in his initial meeting with the PM today, Mr. Scheer laid out seven measures Conservatives want to see in Trudeau’s throne speech:

  1.      Keep Canada united and strong by launching a task force to study the establishment of a national energy corridor, which could bring Ontario and Quebec hydroelectricity to new markets, open up opportunities for Western Canadian oil and gas, and connect rural communities in Atlantic Canada and the North.
  2.     Help Canadians get ahead by offering broad-based tax relief, providing a date for balancing the budget, and proceeding with fair tax-free maternity benefits.
  3.      Restore ethics and accountability to government by introducing stronger penalties in the Conflict of Interest Act.
  4.      Get the energy sector back to work by tabling a detailed plan, with concrete deadlines, to build the Trans Mountain expansion and repealing Bills C-48 and C-69.
  5.      Take real action on the environment by drawing on policies from our Real Plan to Protect the Environment, such as the Green Patent Credit, the Canadian Clean brand, the Green Home Renovation Tax Credit, and ending raw sewage dumps.
  6.      Immediately fund regional transit expansion in the GTA, starting with the Ontario Line and Yonge Extension.
  7.      Reduce the paperwork burden on Quebecers by adopting a single tax return.

Our Canadian Federation is seriously divided.   Our Conservative priorities are reasonable and achievable, and would begin to heal divisions Trudeau Liberals sowed during the election campaign.

Our Conservative Caucus is united, experienced, and focused on the job we were elected to do – holding Justin Trudeau to account and preparing to defeat him whenever the Liberal Minority falls – whenever the next election occurs.


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