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Canada plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030

Canada plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030

Thornhillers should be pleased to hear that Minister Aglukkaq has announced that Canada plans to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030.

  • Canada has now formally submitted its target, referred to as an intended Nationally Determined Contribution, to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • This is a fair and ambitious target that is in line with other major industrialized countries and reflects our national circumstances, including Canada’s position as a world leader in clean electricity generation.
  • Canada will continue to take cooperative action with its continental trading partners, particularly the United States, in integrated sectors of the economy, including energy and transportation.
  • We are the first Government in Canadian history that has achieved a net-reduction in greenhouse gas emissions – and we’ve done so without the job-killing carbon taxes and schemes proposed by the Liberals and the NDP.
  • While Justin Trudeau has promised to force every province into a mandatory carbon-pricing scheme that will kill jobs and raise the cost of gas, groceries and electricity, we will work together cooperatively with the provinces and territories while respecting their jurisdiction.
  • The provinces and territories have their own emissions-reduction targets, and they have the authority to take action within their own jurisdictions.

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  • Minister Aglukkaq also announced the Government's intention to develop new regulatory measures under its responsible sector-by-sector approach that would build on the decisive actions taken to date. These include:
    • Regulations aligned with recently proposed actions in the United States to reduce the potent GHG methane from the oil-and-gas sector.
    • Regulations for natural gas-fired electricity, which would build on Canada's existing coal-fired electricity regulations and strengthen Canada's position as a clean-energy leader.
    • Regulations for the production of chemicals and nitrogen fertilizers, which would reduce the growth of GHGs from two of the largest sources of emissions in Canada's manufacturing sector.
  • Our Government’s record is clear: we have reduced emissions while growing the economy and creating good, well-paying jobs for Canadians.
    • In 2013, Canada's GHG emissions were 3.1% lower than 2005 levels while the economy grew by 12.9% over the same time period.
    • In 2012, Canada was the first major coal user to ban the construction of traditional coal-fired electricity generation. Coal is the largest source of GHG in the world.
    • Canada represents less than 2% of global carbon emissions. By comparison, the U.S. coal sector produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all of Canada.

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