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Justin Trudeau's Election Year Backdown Damage Control good news for students

Faith communities across Thornhill, denied Canada Summer Jobs funding in 2018 because of the "values attestation" imposed by the Liberals, will be spared similar injustice in 2019.

Faced with a sustained, principled backlash from Canadians across the country, along with pressure from our Conservative Opposition, the Trudeau government announced it will suspend the attestation requirement next summer.

As a result of the Liberals values test, more than 1,500 Canada Summer Jobs applications were rejected across Canada in 2018.

Hundreds of other organizations withdrew their applications or did not apply at all due to their principled refusal to sign the attestation.

Conservatives believe Justin Trudeau's values test has no place in a tolerant, multicultural society such as Canada. Organizations should not have to agree with the ideological positions of the Prime Minister or the Liberal Party to get government funding.

The withdrawal of the Liberals' attestation is a powerful admission they were wrong, and the reversal is clearly a desperate attempt at damage control for the Prime Minister heading into an election year.

Andrew Scheer's Conservatives will remain vigilant and consult with the charitable sector to ascertain the impacts of these changes while continuing to hold the Prime Minister to account when it comes to the Liberal values test.

As well, Justin Trudeau should immediately apologize for attacking the personal beliefs of individuals and organizations that provide much needed services to Canadians.

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