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Statement from the Hon. Peter Kent on the Fall of Aleppo

December 16, 2016


OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Peter Kent, Official Opposition Foreign Affairs Critic issued the following statement on the recapture of Aleppo by the Assad Regime earlier this week: 

“The Russians, with brutal disregard for civilian lives, have rescued the Assad Regime and although the fighting has paused, the‎ catastrophic battle for Aleppo has deepened prospects of further violence and civilian suffering. 

“Russia has ignored the civilized world in its brutal support and rescue of the Assad Regime. United Nations members that have called for restraint, cease fires and lasting truces have seen all appeals ignored.

“Minister Dion has claimed he is working to resolve the situation in the UN General Assembly. However, statements by Canada have avoided the assignment of specific responsibility of Russia and Iran for the horror of Aleppo.

“The Official Opposition calls on the Liberal government to aggressively investigate, with other UN democracies,‎ reports of atrocities committed against civilians during the battle for Aleppo. Any resulting evidence of war crimes or crimes against humanity should be pursued through the International Criminal Court.

“At the same time the international community must now respond with substantial new humanitarian assistance for the many thousands of civilians displaced on the devastated urban battlefield."


For more information:

Saro Khatchadourian
Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition

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