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Trudeau Breaks Ethics Law for the Second Time


Ethics Commissioner finds Trudeau has again committed a major violation of Conflict of Interest Act in the SNC Lavalin scandal. 

Ethics Commissioner says his decision finding Trudeau guilty of violating the law was made despite the fact he was prevented from examining “the entire body of evidence”.

Ethics Commissioner cites multiple efforts by PMO to improperly interfere in the justice process..but says “ final and most flagrant attempt to influence Ms. Wilson-Raybould occurred during conversation with Clerk of Privy Council Dec 19, 2018”.

Ethics Commiss reports Finance Minister Morneau tried to justify pressure exerted on Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould by saying it was “his responsibility to consider economic impacts of government decisions”..that criminal conviction of SNC Lavalin could affect jobs and pensions

Shocking! Trudeau "disagrees" - still claims he was trying to protect Canadian jobs despite Ethics Commissioner's finding that "Trudeau's influence would have furthered SNC Lavalin's interests". Ergo: Justin Trudeau violated the law in attempting to obstruct justice for a corporate constituent. 


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