About our Riding

Thornhill is a vibrant community located just north of Toronto. Divided by Yonge Street, Thornhill transcends two municipalities; the city of Vaughan to the west and town of Markham to the east. Founded in 1794, Thornhill has grown from a small village into one of the most dynamic and prosperous communities in all of Canada, providing an ideal place to live, work and raise a family.

Thornhill got its beginning as a humble village, deriving its name from Benjamin Thorne who, upon arriving to the area, began the operation of a gristmill, a sawmill and a tannery. The area became known as Thorne's Mills, later to be called, Thorne’s Hill—hence Thornhill. The charm of Mr. Thorne’s era is still apparent in and around John and Centre streets which served as major crossroads along Yonge Street during the village’s infancy. Parks and historical sites stand today as a nostalgic reminder of Canada a generation ago. This quaint charm is complemented by a dynamic and diverse population. A truly multicultural community, Thornhill is home to Canadians of a multitude of ethnicities and beliefs.

Being a multicultural hub, Thornhill has been able to realize tremendous growth in the community. The Thornhill Community Centre and Library is receiving an expansion to its facilities, providing a place for Thornhillers to meet, exercise and learn. Thornhill Town Centre—the new business, shopping, and entertainment district linked to North Promenade—has been a welcomed addition to our blossoming neighbourhood.


Boundaries description

Consisting of that part of the Regional Municipality of York comprised of:

(a) that part of the City of Vaughan lying easterly of Highway No. 400 and southerly of Rutherford Road; and

(b) that part of the Town of Markham lying westerly of Bayview Avenue.


Peter is at home in Thornhill. He works closely with Thornhillers and supports all to enjoy life in a proud community that offers a wonderful place to live, work, play and raise families.

With an unsurpassed open door policy, Peter demonstrates his commitment to consult with Thornhillers and offer solutions as needed. He works diligently with faith communities to increase their understanding of federal government resources and funding through the Communities at Risk: Security Infrastructure program. With Peter’s support, Thornhillers can feel safe while exercising their religious freedoms.

Peter values the contribution of seniors to Thornhill and maintains his responsibility for enhancing seniors' social well-being and community vitality. With Peter’s meticulous guidance, Thornhill seniors have created recreational, inter-generational, heritage-based activities and literature. “There is no place like home in Thornhill. “

This is the sentiment expressed by the more than forty organizations receiving funding under the New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Peter believes that all youth are compelling agents of change in Thornhill. This is why he encourages mentorship, accessibility and youth participation at work. Over the past eleven years, Peter has worked with Thornhill organizations to refine project ideas, making them competitive and relevant to be awarded millions of federal government funding under the Enabling Accessibility Fund. As a result, tens of young Thornhillers with developmental disabilities have received training in culinary and other employment skills and can access educational and recreational spaces.

Every year, hundreds of children and youth look forward to Peter’s visit and inspiring civic discussions in Thornhill schools.

Peter’s continuous support for youth is also evidenced by his outreach to small business owners and community organizations. As such, more than 300 jobs are created annually for students and youth through the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

Many small business owners can share their experience of feeling at home in Peter’s constituency office. A good listener, Peter presented the opinions of the Thornhill business community in Ottawa, growing small businesses and creating thousands of full-time jobs during 2012-2013 periods, after the depths of the recession.

Even though this momentum has been disrupted under the current Liberal government, Peter continues to advance the interests of small and medium-sized business owners whether it is unfair cross border tariffs, funding for innovation and/or business expansion.

Moving forward, Peter promises continued service and action to all Thornhillers and to repair the damage the Liberals have done. He will work with you to keep Thornhill your home.