Border closure

March 18, 2020

Canada and the United States have agreed by “mutual consent” to suspend any and all movement between our two countries beyond “essential traffic” and “trade”. 

The Prime Minister said in his Wednesday news conference that the definition of “non-essential” travel applies to “tourism and cross-border shopping”.


Allowable movement will be strictly limited to essential business travel, trade and commercial transportation.

To the many Thornhillers who have contacted my office in the hours since this announcement, it would seem that, whatever one’s citizenship, travel either way for Passover or Easter will not be considered as “essential”.

For Canadians with other cross-border travel plans in the weeks and months ahead, it is quite possible those trips may not be possible.

We are in the very early days of these drastic measures taken to address the COVID-19 crisis.   Some of these measures may be eventually eased but it is impossible to say when or how that may be possible.

We will advise of any changes as they occur.