Conservatives continue to push for Parliamentary Accountability

April 20, 2020

As House Returns,Conservatives continue to push for Parliamentary Accountability


  • Conservatives continue to believe that frequent accountability sessions in Parliament get better results for Canadians.
  • We have repeatedly demonstrated how debate, discussion and opportunities to question the Prime Minister and ministers in the House of Commons improve government programs and policies.


  • Canadians lives and livelihoods literally depend on the government getting their response to the pandemic right.


  • Given what is at stake, Conservatives would like to see more than the one accountability session per week that the other parties appear to have agreed to.


  • We also believe that virtual accountability sessions should be designed in the all-party forum that is already working on the issue.  The Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs held their first meeting last week and they should be allowed to carry out the job they have been given.


  • If the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois have joined forces with the Liberals to limit accountability, they can explain themselves to Canadians in the coming weeks.