Correcting the Record on Federal Healthcare Funding

April 07, 2014

This year, fiscal 2014-15, our Government will provide Ontario with $12.33 billion through the Canada Health Transfer – an all-time high. This is more than a $4.6 billion (a 60% increase) since our Conservatives government took office.

There’s been an abundance of misinformation recently regarding federal health transfers – for the most part unfounded claims made by individuals and groups with political or organizational axes to grind.

In 2011, our Government announced a major new investment in health care, and commitment to continued growth in health transfers to the provinces and territories.  Our plan has provided record growth to all provinces, and these transfers will continue to grow by 6% every year for the next three years.  

These record transfers are providing long-term, stable funding so that our health care system is there when Canadians need it. To ensure health funding for the provinces will continue to grow in a sustainable fashion, transfers will grow in line with economic growth from 2017 and guaranteed to increase by at least 3%.  

Our Government is working with all the provinces and territories to ensure the Canadian healthcare system is sustainable and delivering the care that Canadians need. In addition to transfers being at an all-time high, we are also funding nearly 13,000 health researchers across Canada, and investing roughly $1 billion every year for health research.

We have increased healthcare funding to historic levels. Through record transfers and significant investments in research and innovation, we are supporting all provinces and territories in delivering the quality of care that Canadians expect and deserve.

Our Government is committed to a publicly funded, universally accessible health care system founded on the principles of the Canada Health Act.