COVID-19 March 18 2020 update

March 18, 2020
Just a quick note of thanks to my Thornhill Constituency Office staff for their continuing dedicated work, from home, serving Thornhillers as best we can by phone and email.
Much of our work in recent days has been to inform and assist those who facing travel challenges from various foreign locations.
At the same time, we’ve worked to provide answers to the range of questions regarding quarantine advice, the government’s COVID-19 Economic Response plan, changes to CRA tax-filing deadlines, etc.
We are still in very early days of this health and economic crisis.
It’s important that we all abide by the directions of our Public Health professionals.
As well, we need to support friends and neighbours who may require support of one form or another.
Finally, thanks to those who provide daily essential public services – police, postal and sanitary workers, staff at grocery and pharmacy stores, food outlets, service stations, transit employees, health, welfare and volunteer workers at clinics and hospitals, and those workers who maintain our infrastructure services.
We stand ready at the Thornhill Constituency Office to assist where we can.