Dealing with Justin Trudeau’s Flawed Trade Deal

May 30, 2019

Two and half years ago, Justin Trudeau promised Canadians he would secure a “better-than-NAFTA” trade agreement with the United States. 


The Prime Minister promised NAFTA 2.0.Canada got NAFTA 0.5.


As a result of the new deal:


  • Automakers are limited in how many cars they can export to the United States.
  • Canadians will have reduced access to essential medicines and will have to pay higher prices for prescription drugs.
  • The U.S. now holds unprecedented influence over our future negotiations with new potential trading partners.
  • U.S. farmers will have non-tariff access to a significant share of the supply-managed sector in Canada - while the U.S. has not made a single concession on its own subsidized and protected dairy industry.


The United States measured their success on NAFTA by what it gained. The Prime Minister measured his on what he didn’t give up.


I must inform Thornhillers that, Conservatives will reluctantly support the deal, because no trade deal with the United States is worse than a bad trade deal


 However, after October 21, our new government will work to mitigate the damage this deal has caused.


  • We will address issues such as the lingering softwood lumber dispute, the remaining Buy American provisions, the disjointed regulatory regimes, and the difficulties with cross-border business travel.
  • We will negotiate with the US from a position of strength, by emphasizing security and defence cooperation and by imposing safeguards to protect North American steel from Chinese dumping.
  • We will diversify our trading partners to reduce dependence on the US.
  • And we will lower taxes and reduce regulatory burden on business so that Canada is attractive to investors and so that Canadian businesses can compete and win on the world stage.