Election Congratulations 2015

November 02, 2015

I am so pleased by the support that I have received since my re-election.  Here are some of the many notes that I have received.

...I am certain that the passion and perseverance you have shown during the electoral campaign will be reflected on your new position on Parliament Hill... Motaz Zahran, Ambassador ( Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt)

…Your victory is a clear proof of the overwhelming confidence in your outstanding service in the past and a reward you richly deserve for many years of dedication to the welfare of the citizens of Thornhill, which bestows upon you as the consequences of your vision and your services to the community… - R.C. Wu, Director General (Taipei Economic and Cultural Office)

...As an experienced MP, we have continued confidence the needs and interests of your constituents and community will be well-represented in Ottawa... - Wayne Emmerson, Chairman and CEO (The Regional Municipality of York)

A well-deserved win. Glad to have a most desirable and friendly face, representing the integrity of the Conservative party for the next four years.  Wishing you and your staff a most pleasant and inspiring term. -Victor Redlick

…Congratulations on your re-election. We look forward to seeing your future contributions to Thornhill. We are delighted to be able to work with you with the issues regarding Thornhill together with our Councillor Valerie Burke and to protect Heritage, Trees, our jobs, and our Residents…- Evelin Ellison

…Myself and my children would like to extend our warmest congratulations to you for winning another term as our beloved MP. We are so happy! I know you deserved it. I would like to take these opportunity as well to thank you and Braydon for those help in immigration procedures, now I am happy that I am with my children, they been here for a year now and hopefully next election you can count our votes. Although we are not legally voters yet but I campaigned and prayed for your winnings… - Irene

On behalf of the City of Vaughan, please accept my sincere congratulations on your re-electionas the Member of Parliament for Thornhill. Your outstanding record of public service and your dedication to your Vaughan constituents has served our City well… - Steve Kanellakos, City Manager (Vaughan)

Well done on winning your Thornhill riding yet again! – Lesley Alboini

Congratulations on being elected for another term.  I didn’t expect any other outcome…. – Richard Gilbert

Congratulations, again you made it.  People in Thornhill love your Charming personality.  Your Hard work speaks. – Vina Patel

Knowing you are still present in our parliament gives us some vestage of Hope, someone we can count on to hold others to account. – Carrie Taylor

Congratulations on your re-election.  I know that you will continue to make us proud! – Enza Barbieri (SantaFest Chair)