Fine Words Against AntiSemitism…Simply Not Enough

November 18, 2019

 Pressure is building on the University of Toronto to address accumulating complaints that the administration has failed to enforce U of T’s anti-discrimination policies.

The newest controversy involves, effectively, a student union denial of a campaign to make kosher food accessible on campus because those requesting access, members of Hillel, are.. “pro Israel”.

The Graduate Student’s Union (GSU) issued a Facebook statement saying that support of the kosher food request could be effected by a member of the GSU board submitting a motion but, an email to Hillel said that any move to support kosher food could be seen as a challenge to “the will of the membership”.

The GSU, the only student union in Canada with a formal committee dedicated to the BDS movement, is already the focus of a complaint filed with the U of T’s student complaint council that the very existence of the BDS Committee violates the university’s anti-discrimination policies.

 Hillel UofT issued the following press release November 15th.


B’nai Brith issued a follow-up statement November 17, that stated in part:

“Shamefully, the GSU has been permitted for years now to cultivate a hostile attitude toward Jewish graduate students at U of T,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “The U of T Administration must act against antisemitism on campus – fine words are simply not enough.”