Formidable Opposition

December 10, 2019

Dear Thornhillers,

Yesterday Canadians went to the polls for the 42nd time in our history.  We as Conservatives knew that we faced a monumental and historical challenge.  It had been more than a century since a Prime Minister had won a fourth straight election.  Conservatives all across Canada ran a strong and professional campaign and we are very proud of Prime Minister Harper and all our candidates and volunteers.

After 10 years with the same Party, Canadians decided to try something new.  I along with most Canadians believe Canada is headed in the right direction and support how our Government's handled the economy.  Most Canadians voted for balanced budgets.  Most Canadians voted for free trade.  Most Canadians voted to preserve universal child care benefits.  We are proud of our legacy.

Prime Minister Harper will be handing over a balanced budget, and a strong economy supported by low taxes.  The Conservative Party will form a formidable opposition and will continue to fight for the principals that we have always stood for.  Conservatives were elected to keep taxes low, our countries finances in check and look out for everyday working people and their families and that's what we will do in the next Parliament.

I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Thornhill,

Peter Kent