JRCC Recognized for Their Great Work with Syrian Refugees

January 18, 2016

Dear Senior Rabbi Yoseph Zaltzman, Rabbi Mendel Zaltzman, Dikla, and Roy,

I would like to thank you and JRCC staff for the generous campaign you launched to assist the Syrian refugees.

There are no words to express the gratitude of the refugees, that of my associates, and my own about your humanism and solidarity with our newcomers. The warmth that you extended to the refugees means so much to them as they start a new life in Canada. Your prayers and support will certainly leave an enduring impression on them. They will never forget that there were Canadians, like you, who opened their hearts and minds to ease their transition and to make their resettlement in Canada dignified and with the least amount of stress.   

The five families who benefited from the JRCC kindness are eager to become productive members of our society and to contribute to our country in a meaningful way.

By your action you have shown the world that Canadians are a welcoming and compassionate people who will always stand by our reputation and tradition of hospitality and generosity.

I am confident that our current and future cooperation will set an example to other Canadians to follow in your footstep and help our newcomers.  

Our appreciation is also goes to our esteem friend the Hon. Peter Kent.

God Bless you and your congregation.


Aris Babikian
Retired Citizenship Judge
Past President of the Armenian National Federation
Founder of Levant Resettlement Centre