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My Priories for the Upcoming Session

With Parliament beginning it's Fall Sitting, a brief update on my priorities as the MP for Thornhill and as the Foreign Affairs Critic for our Official Opposition.
Our chief concern remains focused on Liberal action - and inaction - on important economic issues; extravagant spending of billions of dollars that will unnecessarily increase deficit and debt, continued delay on vitally important infrastructure decisions such as pipelines and, a shocking determination to impose an economy-hobbling national carbon tax at a time when manufacturing and resource industries are struggling to recover from Liberal and NDP provincial government mismanagement from sea to sea. We are also determined that any Liberal proposal at changing our democratic process be put to Canadians in a referendum. We will also urge to Liberals to fulfill their campaign promise to invest meaningfully in home care and palliative care options.
On the international front our Conservative Caucus will continue to urge the Trudeau Government to stop pandering to despots and dictators and ‎stand firm with our friends and allies on important foreign policy issues.
We are firmly opposed to the Liberal's indecent rush to win a Security Council seat with high-risk, flawed peacekeeping missions. Canada would serve the world much more effectively by pushing for long overdue review and renovation of the United Nations, top to bottom.
The Official Opposition will push for principled positions on the rule of law ‎and human rights in all dealings with China and Russia and in our complex relationships with countries across the Middle East.
We will continue to oppose the Liberal government's misguided determination to "normalize" relations with Iran, given the Regime's unrepentant sponsorship of terrorism, rampant abuse of human rights, ballistic missile development and belligerent promises to destroy Israel.
That is why I have sponsored an e-petition on Iran on the Parliamentary website.
I would ask all Thornhillers - indeed all Canadians - to consider supporting this position. I am aware that many in Canada's Iranian community are reluctant to sign because of concern of reprisals against families or friends in Iran. However, the Parliamentary e-petition reveals only total numbers..not the individual names or addresses. This is a secure website.
I invite your feedback on any or all issues of concern. Please contact my constituency office:
905-886-9911 or [email protected]